Krapina, APT2, apartman (2+2), 45m2, u gradu, a u prirodi

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Apartment • Krapina - Okolica

4 guests
The optimal capacity of the facility is 4 guests
2 bedrooms
4 beds
1 bathroom

Dear guests,

We present you new photos of APT2(upstairs), ready just for you


2 rooms (2+2)

1 kitchen

1 bathroom

1 balcony

cca 45m2

Room one have 1 marriage bed

Room two have 2 single beds (vitapur mattresses)

In apartment you'll find everything what you need for one night or even longer

Apartament have:

-air condition

-gas heating


-gas stove



-fully equipped kitchen



book corner (croatian, english)

-games (ps2


, playing cards


, man don't get mad




-washing machine



-free Wi-fi

-free safe parking place

-limited number of guests (safe environment for you as our guests)

-beautiful view from balcony at nature around us

-pets allowed with announce

-safe equipment (disinfection, masks, gloves


We don't serve breakfest, but in fridge you'll always find something for you, just have to look for it


Don't wait last minute to reserve your rest at our apartments, offcourse if you want to enjoy in nature surrounded by 


...woke up in morning by 


, drinking coffe on balcony or wine at night...

On the way to us - cca 300m from us you can see 


and from us cca 400m you can see


At yard which is over 6000m2 you have barbecue with woods, swings, trampoline, and something new which you'll discover if you decide for our apartment


Reservations are free, don't wait last minute to reserve it, free welcome drink, gift and lot of other things...

1.visit/1 night/1 apartament/4 people -75€, second visit discount


No payment infront, first arrive, then see and then rest of it

Video-direction how to come to us at youtube

More you can find about us at:[0]=AZUZ7NHD3ZmTV6-joYL0i-z6Iy4K_xTCrxjoa-byf_Ge3T7RfHnDbYZeunRkl3wy68KRm_apbPtPlUMbxCxbvxAnPqi4yfLYH6uQnl5eTSGhrqpUiWUPvfVbKhoZqWUpTEusoLw_8_6xZtZvaj6cQaJDCj3DFC_ZGyrqkqh2I4zPaCAwRUvRXOpiRuc-mNzuAOI&__tn__=kK-R[0]=AT2Jy8yMDzZ9XCid0GXTt3PxTPGc70MVEyPQ5PoGHkaw4dERdeM6jtomeuBoamVsEUmgJBsTPRKdiRYyg8znW7uCET66IFVaNUoI2hi09q8hj5U8h0C73GNmx6XfnvHz0eyfjOq3d6OlJa1kauBJnCajMOQ8BgyCDY97vTk5SLxSf_35OSaXo9aStaf6_R_WcbbMWWY


+385915248197, Goran (call, sms, Viber, Whatsup)

P.S. new photos for now here, soon on our web site


P. P. S. free from today (1.6.2021.)

Parking spot
Pets welcome
Croatia Krapina - Okolica • Trški Vrh 82A
300000 m
1000 m
2000 m
Bus stop
2000 m
City center
2000 m
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