Dnevni najam - Zagreb - Novo - Garaža - Terasa - Self check-in (29)

Ad code: JWRQVBG

Apartment • Zagreb

4 guests
The optimal capacity of the facility is 2 guests
1 bedroom
The total size of the object is 45 m2
1 bed
Available 1 extra bed
1 bathroom

Self Check-in and check out are flexible

Why this apartment?

--> New Building

--> Very clean, comfortable, and styled

--> Closed garage

--> Grocery store near

--> Big loggia

--> Transport from or to airport or bus station

--> Smart lock (self-check-in)

--> 20 m from tram and bus station

--> Very safe and quiet neighborhood


--> We have plenty of other apartments across Zagreb. Some of them have a jacuzzi and sauna.

Whatsapp +385 99 500 8000

Parking spot
Access for the disabled
Air conditioned
Pets welcome
Croatia Zagreb • Petrovaradinska ulica 1d
20 m
40 m
Bus stop
20 m
City center
2500 m
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